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Student Volunteers

What kind of work do we do in the lab?

Our research could not be done without the help of our undergraduate research assistants! We provide a variety of jobs that give you experience with many aspects of our research projects:

  • Creation of stimuli
  • Assist in data collection: Help the graduate students and research assistants visit families homes and conduct language comprehension tasks and standardized tasks with 3- to 22-year-olds and parents.
  • Transcribe caregiver-child interactions: Learn our transcribing protocol, see what the children and their caregivers do and say.
  • Code data: Learn how to code specific aspects of child and parent speech.
  • Score standardized tests.
  • Attend weekly lab meetings.
  • Opportunities to present research and attend conferences.

The Child Language Lab provides a few options for undergraduates wanting to participate in the research, these are: student volunteer, work study, etc. Prior coursework in developmental psychology, language development, linguistics, and/or cognitive science, etc. is highly encouraged.
At this time (Fall 2024), we are not accepting new undergraduate research assistants for the lab.