Graduate Students

Amanda Mankovitch, MA (now a doctoral candidate in Dr. Umay Suanda’s Communication and Development Lab)

Lee Tecoulesco, PhD (2022)

Dr. Lee Tecoulesco is now a postdoc at Boys Town National Research Hospital in Boys Town, NE.

Manya Jyotishi, PhD (2019)

Nora Alpers, MA (2017)

Iris Chin, PhD (2017)

Dr. Iris Chin is now a data scientist at Blackfynn in Philadelphia, PA.

Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, PhD (2017)

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Aziz is a clinician at Future University of Egypt.

Jinhee Park, PhD (2016)

Margaret Ya-ching Yeh, PhD (2015)

Emma Kelty-Stephen, PhD (2013)

Dr. Emma Kelty-Stephen has held lecturer positions at Grinnell College and SUNY New Paltz. She is now a lecturer at Marist College.

Anthony Goodwin, PhD (2013)

Dr. Anthony Goodwin did postdocs at University of Wisconsin Waisman Center and Arizona State. He is now working for the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

Saime Tek, PhD (2010)

Dr. Saime Tek did a postdoc at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins. She is currently at Bilkent University, Turkey.

Alice Ann Howard Gola, PhD (2008)

Dr. Alice Ann Howard did a postdoc at Georgetown and is currently a Social Science Research Analyst at USDA Food and Nutrition Service.

Lauren Swensen Meade, PhD (2007)

Dr. Lauren Swensen did a postdoc at the Institute for Basic Research in Staten Island and is currently a Clinical Coordinator at the Institute of Professional Practice in Connecticut.

Joanne Lee, PhD (2006)

Dr. Joanne Lee is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada.

Elizabeth Kelley, PhD (2006)

Dr. Elizabeth Kelley is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

Undergraduate Students *honors student

Robbi Zamora

Harish Ravichandran

Audra Giugno

Sarah Cintron (McNair Scholar)

Jaydel Hernandez*

Julia Johnson*

Madison Riascos

Omosede Osahon

Aliah Segui

Kristina DeMichiel

Aayaat Saiyed

Julia Coleman

Morgan Moliengo

Jenna Lame

Anneliese Lapides*

Tess Bettencourt

Megan Diener

Alexandra Marecki

Lindsay Chapman

Kourtney Shermoen

Jinman Jiang

Katherine Monroe

Gabriella Russo

Marriana Echevarria

Jennifer Lopez

Khanhvy (Vy) Ng*

Jaclyn Shapiro

Rose Pacik-Nelson

Nina Traub

Alyssa Rosado

Amanda Young

Pengcheng Chen

Allison Nemeth

Medha Purushotham

Olivia Arciero*

Devon Murphy*


Lab Coordinators

Juandiego Carmona (2019-2022)

Juandiego is now a PhD student in School Psychology at Teachers College Columbia.