Month: July 2022

Reunited in-person!

Yesterday, we held a fully in-person Grad Lab meeting for the first time since our new personnel (lab coordinator Grace, honors student Julia, and McNair Scholar Sarah) joined the lab in June. It was great getting to see everyone in real life, albeit masked. We discussed upcoming conferences, trainings, and projects, then took a group photo* at the end. Next up: our team-building group hike in a few weeks!

*All members are fully vaccinated and were only unmasked for the duration of the photo.

CLL members in a group photo, unmasked and smiling.
Left to right: Grace, Amanda, Kaya, Cynthia, Dr. Naigles, Julia, Jaydel, Sarah

Sarah’s McNair research presentation!

Our incredible undergraduate McNair Scholar Sarah presented her research poster, “Child Vocalization Development Coded Through the International Phonetic Alphabet: A comparison of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typically Developing Children,” at the 10th Annual McNair Scholars Summer Poster Exhibit today! Sarah spent her summer transcribing typically developing and autistic low- and middle-verbal participants’ vocalizations into the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), then analyzing differences in usage of consonant and vowel types and tokens between the three groups. She will be building on her summer research as she enters her senior year and is considering adding phoneme elongation as a variable of interest. We are so proud of what Sarah has achieved and can’t wait to see what she does next!

Cynthia, Sarah, and Dr. Naigles standing next to Sarah's poster.
Left to right: Cynthia, Sarah, and Dr. Naigles with Sarah’s poster.
Sarah standing next to her McNair poster.
Sarah and her McNair poster.