Month: March 2024

CLL attends the 2024 Meeting on Language in Autism (MoLA)

Six members of the Child Language Lab had the privilege of attending the 2024 Meeting on Language in Autism, held at Duke University from March 14-16. We also met up with former lab member Dr. Lee Tecoulesco, now doing his postdoc at Boys Town Research Hospital.

Left to right: Kaya LeGrand, Grace Corrigan, Yasmin Andalib, Lee Tecoulesco, Letty Naigles, Cynthia Boo, Kylie Robinshaw.

In the thick of her dissertation data collection and writing, our fifth-year graduate student Cynthia Boo presented a poster based on findings from her ongoing collaboration with the UC Davis MIND Institute: specifically, group differences in discourse marker production among children with ASD, children with ADHD, and children with co-occurring ASD and ADHD. Furthermore, our 3rd-year graduate student, Kaya LeGrand, was invited to give a talk on some of the research she did for her masters thesis: an examination of longitudinal verb acquisition trajectories from LSEL Visits 1-6.

Kaya LeGrand presents her talk, “Longitudinal analysis of verb production in autism spectrum disorder.”

Thanks in part to travel grants from the UConn Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), we were able to bring undergraduates Yasmin Andalib (’24) and Kylie Robinshaw (’24), both of whom presented posters.

Yasmin’s honors thesis analyzes the narrative macrostructure of our teen and young adult participants’ personal narratives and their storytelling from the book Tuesday by David Wiesner.

Yasmin Andalib presents her poster, “Narrative macrostructure: A comparison between autistic and typically developing adolescents.”

Kylie’s independent project utilizes data from the UC Davis MIND Institute and examines sex differences in the linguistic markers produced by three-year-old children on the autism spectrum.

Kylie Robinshaw presents her poster, “Gender differences in linguistic measures among three-year-olds with ASD.”

Lab coordinator Grace Corrigan presented two posters based on the projects she has been working on over the last year: close phonological transcription of LSEL participants at Visit 2, and examination of child-to-caregiver linguistic alignment at Visit 9.

Grace Corrigan presents her poster, “Differential phonological profiles of typically developing toddlers, low-verbal toddlers with ASD, and middle-verbal toddlers with ASD.”
Grace Corrigan presents her poster, “Relationships between alignment and cooperative task performance in autistic and neurotypical teenager-caregiver dyads.”

Travel funding awarded to Cynthia Boo!

CLL doctoral candidate Cynthia Boo received not one but two travel grants to support her attendance at this year’s Meeting on Language in Autism (MoLA) in Durham, NC. The UConn Institute for Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS) gave her a Travel Award, and she received additional funding in the form of the Psychological Sciences Departmental Award. Congratulations to Cynthia for the hard work and excellent research that led to her being granted these funds!